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Move Your Oversized Load With Confidence

Schedule oversized load escort services in Casper or Bar Nunn, WY

Moving oversized loads can be nerve-wracking. Fortunately, Altitude Pilot Service makes it easier to transport them. Our escort and pilot car services include the use of multiple escort vehicles to protect your load while helping motorists stay safe on the road. We'll alert nearby drivers and clear the way for your truck.

Call 307-262-0099 now to learn more about our oversized load escort services. We offer free estimates to our customers. We serve Casper, Bar Nunn, WY and surrounding areas.

We respond to calls quickly

You don't want to get left hanging when you need to ensure safe transportation for a valuable oversized load. Instead of waiting for ages to hear back from a company, turn to Altitude Pilot Service. Our wide load escort company is responsive and available 24/7. We'll answer your call, and our kind, courteous staff members will provide the assistance you need when scheduling your services. Our respectful team will then take care of your escort service.

Have a question for our team? Speak to us today.